What Is Yahoo Store?

What Is Yahoo Store?

Yahoo Store is your gateway to ecommerce success. Migrating to Yahoo or sourcing an all-new Yahoo store can work wonders for your business.

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What is Yahoo Store?

Yahoo Store is a complete e-commerce solution provided and powered by Yahoo. It contains all the necessary elements to build and maintain a powerful e-commerce business. Yahoo provides everything; from a domain name to e-mail marketing and even web analytics support.

Yahoo Stores are developed with RTML, which is used to encode and develop your website. RTML is specifically designed to develop ecommerce for Yahoo stores only. Ydeveloper can help customize your Yahoo store using this HTML scripting language; our experts have developed hundreds of stores. Ydeveloper’s experts are trained for Yahoo Store development, research, and aesthetic enhancement of each storefront. We provide a complete, customized ecommerce webstore with highly effective and intuitive features.

As a household name, Yahoo provides all the essential items needed to start out as an e-commerce merchant. You can easily start selling your products with pre-defined templates and layouts, or have Ydeveloper customize them for you. An Additional advantage of using a Yahoo Store is that any merchant, even without previous knowledge of eCommerce developer, can easily start up a basic eCommerce business and webstore.

Yahoo Stores are easy to start with, particularly owing to user-friendly maintenance and support.

Merchants are provided:
  • up to 1,000 email addresses
  • a unique domain name
  • access to a protected web hosting server
  • data backup

Yahoo store owners and business merchants also have the additional privilege of submitting their products to the Yahoo Shopping platform. It’s easy as a pie for merchants to receive customer ratings and feedback, enhancing the personal experience of your clientele. Merchants can also receive ratings and feedback from PriceGrabber, making all your marketing efforts transparent and easy to maintain. Start marketing your products to the entire world, today!

For payment methods, Yahoo store supports Master Cards, Visa, American Express, and even PayPal accounts. All transactions through Yahoo stores are highly secure and encrypted.

As a Yahoo Merchant, you will be able to:
  • View, approve/decline, print orders
  • Order reports and order tracking tools

Important shipping options such as FedEx, USPS, and UPS are provided with your Yahoo store. Simply click the trails' detailed information to easily understand your customer's interest area and take strategic actions to increase sales. For more enhancements, Yahoo store orders can be easily integrated with your own customized order management system.

Yahoo store owners have everything they need to develop, maintain, and easily run their e-commerce business. Yahoo store provides all these effective tools in order to expand your business, making it a global brand, like Yahoo itself.

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