What Is Rtml?

What Is Rtml?

Ydeveloper offers a dedicated team of RTML experts to enhance your Yahoo store. Hire us to simplify your business!

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What is RTML?

RTML programming is a proprietary language used by the yahoo store. RTML coding or programming language was discovered by Paul graham and Robert T Morris when they founded their company name "Viaweb". RTML is used as a template language which offers complete ecommerce solutions to their customers.

RTML stands for (Real Time Markup Language). RTML is a powerful programming language required to enhance your yahoo store. RTML is a Real Programming Language basically derived from SGML (Structure Global Markup Language) similar like HTML specially developed to use for yahoo store.

RTML is made-up to make the yahoo stores easier. RTML is similar to HTML which allows creating static pages in your yahoo store, this makes your store user-friendly in navigation and index quickly by search engine. RTML has all programming functionality like loops, iteration, condition, operators, expressions etc.

Ydeveloper has dedicated team of RTML Experts & Developers who have sound knowledge of complex language like RTML. Our expertise will guide your in right path and help you in enhancing your yahoo store with complete RTML programming solutions.

Many of ecommerce solutions providing companies offer yahoo store development, designing with RTML inter gradations, but they don't have core expertise on yahoo store development. We do not claim that we are the best in industry of yahoo store development; we believe that "action speaks louder than the words" our profile proves the point that we have core expertise on RTML in yahoo store development.

RTML Programming Features

  • RTML is a real programming language, not just a page description language (though it can be used simply as a page description language). Along with plain tags, it has variables, conditionals, iteration, subroutines, math operators, and so on
  • RTML makes it possible to define the structure of the whole site, not just the contents of individual pages
  • RTML can generate images, as well as text. You can define a simple button bar, for example, in about 30 lines
  • RTML includes predefined versions of commonly needed CGI-scripts.
  • Like HTML, RTML is forgiving. If you make a mistake in a template, you may get a weird-looking page as a result, but you'll usually get something more than just an error message.
  • RTML has a structure editor for editing templates. Instead of typing in your whole program, you choose code units from a menu, and then fill in the blanks. This approach eliminates the syntax errors that are usually such an obstacle to novice programmers. It is impossible to create an ill-formed RTML template
  • RTML yields HTML as its output, so anything you can express in RTML can be viewed on an ordinary browser

Yahoo store provides you with Store editor using which a Yahoo online store is built very easily and quickly. It also provides documentation for RTML, which you can find by clicking the "RTML Doc" link on the Controls page in the Advanced Editor.

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