Text Based Menu

Text Based Menu

Eliminate the problems related to tabled CSS and plethora of HTML codes with Ydeveloper's text based menu function.

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Text Based Menu

A Text Based Menu is most effective menu for search engines to read. Text Based Menu helps you add new product lines. If you categorize your sections by images, you have to add an image when you add new category. More over images are never effective for search engine optimizing process by themselves, they must include the proper, relevant text.

Text based menu eliminates this problems by using less HTML code and by including CSS, which is a 100% SEO-friendly code. By making user friendly text based menu, this allows search engine to read your keywords rich text accurately, while decreasing your page’s loading time and increasing your page’s site rankings.

Did you know? Before your customers can find your store, the search engine "spiders" must find your store and direct customers to the products and services you offer.

Key Benefits

  • Helpful for Search engine optimizing process
  • Proper categorization of your product line
  • User friendly menu
  • Faster page loading
  • Helpful to add new product line process
Text Based Menu
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