Newsletter Subscription

Newsletter Subscription

A newsletter subscription is a proven tool for customer engagement and effective promotion.

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Newsletter Subscription

Newsletter subscriptions help your customers stay updated on the new arrivals and features through a widely circulated email subscription. When a customer enters in personal contact information and submits a request to add him/her to your newsletter subscriber list, he/she will immediately receive an email containing the subscription confirmation request on your behalf. All emails will be stored in your store manager and you can easily access them whenever you want.

Newsletter subscriptions increase the communication levels with your clients, creating better engagement opportunities for future marketing purposes. It also provides great reasons and initiative for your customers to revisit your site.

Ydeveloperoffers two versions of this functionality:
1. With only email notifications
2. Including email notifications and collection

Key Benefits

  • Customer will remain in touch withyou for extended periods
  • Create more business, particularly from new customers
  • Create and share awareness about current events and store information
  • Send information on special offers, hot products, and product news to customers
Newsletter Subscription
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