Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Inventory management system developed by Ydeveloper will offer highly sophisticated interface that will integrate your inventory and website or online store seamlessly for real-time updates.

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Inventory Management

An inventory management system that integrates seamlessly, without a hitch, into your site or webstore and works like a dream is a retailer's favorite. Our custom-built system comes with an easy-to-use, highly intuitive interface. This well-rounded software takes into account every unique and general requirement and puts full control in your hands.

An ideal inventory management system works on a real-time basis and is configured to help your administrators AND your customers.

Customers need to be "in the know" regarding product availability and order status, and be able to track the order after it has been placed. Then on, it is up to you and your systems to ensure timely dispatch and delivery. Ydeveloper's customized Inventory Management System does all of that – and more.

Looking for a Custom Inventory Management System?

Our inventory system and inventory management software:
  • Works with all webstore platforms – including Yahoo Store, Amazon Webstore, eBay Store and custom ecommerce stores. The software can collect all order information from all your stores, including brick-and-mortar stores, and also manages all their import/export feeds.
  • Allows you to update the product inventory anytime you like, from anywhere in the world.
  • Generates a list of products low in stock. This list reflects low-stock items in your OVERALL stock, not just the stock in one of your stores.
  • When a product is out of stock, the customer can provide his/her email address to receive notification once the product is available. This functionality becomes available as soon as you update your product inventory and promises to significantly improve customer satisfaction.
We specialize in:
  • Warehouse management
  • Retail inventory management
  • Yahoo Store inventory management
  • Amazon Webstore inventory management
  • eBay Store inventory management
  • Order tracking, progress reports
  • Procurement Management
  • Enterprise Management Software
  • Inventory Control Software
Important benefits of Ydeveloper's inventory management solution:
  • Manage your Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, customized stores, multiple stores, and B&M store inventory from a single interface.
  • They can be centrally administered so that if the stock for a product is not available, it will be reflected in real time in each store, thereby eliminating error and confusion.
  • Add-ons such as shipping, warehouse, and feed management can be availed as a part-and-parcel of the inventory management system. The return merchandize authorization feature may also be enabled if required.
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