Facebook Store for Your Business

Facebook Store for Your Business

Facebook users love to talk about everything- then why not get them talking about your products?

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Facebook Store for Your Business

A great majority of your customers are already spending hours on Facebook. Why not let them shop for your products there, too? But using a social platform for business purposes is risky if not done in a clean and ethical manner. Facebook users are unforgiving of companies that underhandedly try to take advantage of their social interaction to convert sales. It takes unique expertise to sell on Facebook because unless done in a specific way, your store can be dubbed as a spammer and it can be blocked from Facebook.

But with Facebook users approaching the 1 billion mark, it is to one's own detriment to ignore this space for selling. But selling on Facebook requires a fresh new strategy-hard selling on Facebook is a clear no-no.

Here are some pointers:

Employ social shopping strategy
Social shopping is still in its infancy stage and growing. Nurture it to grow your Facebook store. Use the like, comment, and share buttons on your Facebook storefront. Also use visually appealing images, icons, and photographs to communicate your message.

Provide a secure network
Ensure that you use the most reliable eCommerce service provider and the most prominent payment gateways. Let your customers browse, order, and checkout directly from the Facebook site.

Incentivize your fans
Offer fans-only promotions and product giveaways. Give your customers an opportunity to post reviews and comments about your products. Link their posts, likes, shares, and comments about your products.

Learn from success stories
Companies such as 1-800-flowers, Victoria's Secret, and Toms Shoes are just a few success stories of Facebook eCommerce. Understanding their strategies and the factors that led to their success in Facebook selling could very well lead to your own success story.

Ydeveloper offers you expert Facebook store creation and management solution. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you put your online store on Facebook and get you engaged in the social shopping trend that is increasing the revenues of many eCommerce stores.

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Facebook fans are valuable to your brand and business
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