Facebook Store FAQs

Facebook Store FAQs

Get most of your Facebook store questions answered here with Ydeveloper's expert FAQs.

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Facebook Store FAQs

Q. What process does Ydeveloper follow?
First and foremost, we make it our business to learn your business. Once we understand what you do, we can help you do it better on Facebook. After we understand your requirements, we undertake a thorough research quest for developing the best solution for you. From inception to conclusion, we communicate with you clearly, regularly, and in detail.

Q. Do I own the store on my Facebook page?
Of course! Once payment is cleared, we hand over the store to you lock, stock, and barrel. We also turn over detailed documentation of all the property. We give you your logo files in HD format. You own the copyright to all the graphics and media created for you. All content is your property and you own everything free and clear from us.

Q. Will you provide advice on my project?
Once we understand your business and your goals, we put on both hats-your technical consultant as well as your business consultant. We will advice you in all respects of starting and maintaining your Facebook store. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to help our clients increase their revenue using our expertise. Those clients who have taken our Internet marketing advice have profited even more and enjoyed a significantly greater online visibility.

Q. Why choose Ydeveloper?
Ydeveloper has a highly skilled professional staff with in-depth knowledge and expertise in developing Facebook stores. With 150 professionals, we are big enough to tackle a project of any size, yet small enough to provide personalized service to each client. We assign a dedicated project manager to every single project. This project manager stays in constant contact with you about the progress of your project. Doing what we do best and doing it most efficiently allows us to keep our costs down and we pass the savings on to you.

Q. Do you stay in touch after the store is deployed?
Everything on the Internet constantly changes. That makes it very important for us to remain in contact with you to make sure that our solution keeps working for you even as everything around you continues to evolve. Our Facebook management service was designed to take care of you after the store is deployed. Whenever you need to adapt new features, rewrite fresh content, execute innovative marketing strategies, or completely redesign your Facebook store, we are here for you. We will provide all the support and maintenance necessary for you to evolve with your environment and continue to increase your profitability.

Q. Do you provide eCommerce solutions?
The nature of your business and the goals you have set for yourself will determine what solution will be a best fit for you. If eCommerce is the right solution for you, we will provide that. If you need custom designed apps or eCommerce features to run your online store, whether on Facebook or on your own site, we will certainly provide a full suite of eCommerce solution.

Q. Will you provide Facebook store training?
Yes. We have a complete training program for our Facebook store clients. We cover all the features and shortcuts for operating a successful Facebook store. We also give you well-documented help files for your ready reference after the training. In addition, we provide ongoing online training as much as you need. Our training modules are self-explanatory but we are here to help any time you need help.

Speak to us today about how we can help you get your online store on Facebook. You'll like what we have to share.

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