Shopping Cart and Checkout Features

Shopping Cart and Checkout Features

A shopping cart that allows customers to quickly close a purchase and looks reliable works wonders for online business. Source a custom shopping cart from an expert developer.

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Shopping Cart and Checkout Features

Shopping cart functionality is probably the most vital part of a successful online store. Its quality may often spell the difference between a customer completing the purchase or abandoning the shopping cart.

You can implement a standard shopping cart or design a custom cart. The standard cart may be easier to install, but not as user-friendly for your customers. On the other hand, a custom shopping cart may take more effort to design, but it will be a uniquely intuitive cart designed with your customers in mind. The result is that more customers will go through the purchase than abandon the cart because it is more user-friendly.

If you decide to implement a custom shopping cart, our programmers can work with you to design the most user-friendly setup, built just for your customers. In addition to the smooth functionality, and built-in security, your custom shopping cart will also look and feel safe, giving your customers peace of mind.

Features such as SSL, fraud protection, and information backup will help create a safe and user-friendly shopping cart. The best quality shopping cart design will have a calculable impact on your webstore.

Other shopping cart features such as custom administrative/inventory control and marketing functionalities also ensure smooth processing of orders and better highlighting of other related products in your inventory.

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Shopping Cart Features to Look For:

The choice of a shopping cart solution is probably the most critical decision you are likely to make for your online business. Your webstore's success hinges on your shopping cart software. Before you makeup your mind, consider the following parameters:

  • Your e-commerce shopping cart should allow your customers to purchase goods from your webstore as easily and safely as possible
  • The shopping cart solution you choose should also be easy for you to use
  • It should offer a wide variety of useful features and superb customer support when required

In addition to the above, Ydeveloper offers the following useful ecommerce shopping cart features:

Update Quantity on the fly

To update the quantity of products in a shopping cart, a customer can enter the quantities required and then press an Update Cart button to get the cart total. The shopping cart will not allow quantities in the cart to be in excess of the stock. Our Check Inventory Module also works on option combinations for perfect inventory management. Read More...

Estimate Shipping

The full shopping cart also features shipping estimates. A customer can avail a shipping estimate from the shopping cart itself without further drilling down into the checkout process. Read More...

Cross Selling

Our shopping cart features the functionality for cross-selling products. This provides flexibility to customer to select accessories for the products they have bought. Read More...

Wish Lists

Customers may add products to a wish list if they are confused about which products to buy. If a customer wants to buy products from the wish list, he/she can move them from the wish list to the cart at the click of a button. Read More...

Advanced Mini Cart

Our advanced mini cart has features that make it easier for customers to update quantities or remove products without going to the shopping cart. Read More...

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Checkout Features:

Single-Page Checkout

Our e-commerce stores feature a unique single-page checkout option. This simplifies your checkout process to a great extent. A customer is only required to fill in details such as billing address, shipping address, shipping methods, discounts, coupon code, etc. Read More...

Coupon Codes

Coupon discount is the percentage of discount a customer gets on specific products or categories. The customer has to enter the coupon code to receive the discount. Read More...

Multiple Payment Gateway Support

Our solution supports several prominent payment gateways such as Paypal, Google Checkout, Link Point, and Authorize.Net. These gateways process credit card transactions and transfers. Read More...

Anonymous Checkout

Our e-commerce solution provides for anonymous checkout. Customers who do not want to register with your store can directly place an order by providing order related details and skipping registration related details. Customers need not register with you to buy the products from your store. Read More...

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Our Shopping Cart integrates with almost everything
Shopping Cart Integrates with Almost Everything

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