eBay Store Design

eBay Store Design

An eBay store is the perfect launchpad to either start a new business or acquire a new outlet for your existing business. In either case, the reputation of this platform is bound to prove to be a major boost to your online sales. With Ydeveloper to help out, you can rest assured of online business success. Call us today: 888-828-9864.

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eBay Store Design and Development

What can Ydeveloper create for my business using eBay Prostores?

We can develop....

  • An iconic eBay homepage with easy navigation
  • A prominent eBay header design and logo
  • An illustrious Product Showcase
  • An intuitive eBay Template Layout

We will create a strong and easily recognizable identity using our custom eBay storefront design.

Why Source an eBay Store from Ydeveloper?

We can...

  • Create a logo bigger than the regular eBay default sizes.
  • Build a new logo with superior design and conception, along with existing logo enhancement
  • Create smaller versions of logos available for email signatures
  • Assemble high resolution files for stationary use (available upon request)

As an Ydeveloper customer you can:

  • Showcase your products with an alluring, eye-catching design.
  • Use eBay promotion boxes - perfect for highlighting products.
  • Enhance your navigation and search functions for a better shopping experience.
  • Stand out from the crowd using custom eBay template design.
  • Boost your sales rate by using an eBay layout
  • Expand your existing and returning customer base

eBay is one of the most trusted websites for people to buy, trade, and sell goods online - a marketplace for the entire globe.
Do you have an eBay store yet? If not, now is the time to join!



Why an eBay webstore?
eBay is proven to be one of the most profit-generating websites of all time, giving citizens of the world access to a diverse marketplace. An eBay store widens your public visibility, helping you establish your company brand and generate profit. As an eBay seller or trader, you can create auctions to limit your sales to the highest bidder at your preferred time deadline.

How is an eBay store so effective?
The name of the game in eBay is competition - sales only go to highest bidder.
It is utilized to launch new products or to provide access to soon to be discontinued items at competitive prices. Affordability, coupled with global access, brings all kinds of buyers together to vie for the same product. Everyone loves a good gamble and eBay is created on this exact concept.

What can an eBay store do for you?
eBay stores are essential for business owners to analyze how their products will be perceived in the public market. It’s one thing to set up an independent webstore and dish out thousands in advertising and promotions before you know your ideal customer - but it’s quite another when you have a targeted audience in mind and can put that advertising to good use. This is where eBay comes in - as an eCommerce business owner, you can judge to flexible of your products on a global scale and fine tune your website to fit your appropriate audience. eBay is an affordable, easily accessible way to analyze your potential market.

A professionally built eBay Store increases the visibility of your products and increases your buyer's confidence, helping to convert new visitors into permanent customers. Most eBay store owners would agree that the look of the store is one of the most important aspects of building a successful online business. Ydeveloper focuses on this aspect to create an intuitively navigable, attractive, and user-friendly eBay Store.

Ydeveloper has extensive knowledge of eBay store Development - designing customized eBay stores that complement your business conceptions, while complying with all eBay guidelines.

Ydeveloper offers that personalized touch to your eBay stores. We have many expert eBay store developers who are equipped and ready to fulfill the specific requirements of our valuable clients. Our eBay store expert developer engross themselves in your project completely - from its inception to its end, guiding you to set up your eBay store successfully. Our eBay store designers and developers, with their in-depth knowledge, experience, and judgment, can help you realize business goals and targets you never thought possible.

One of the worst things for a customer to encounter is a slow website - and most would prefer to just exit the page instead of waiting for it to load. No one wants to idly wait for graphics and text to load! At Ydeveloper, we make sure your store HTML code is perfectly optimized to load quickly. And of course, we implement the best processes and develop everything in conformance with eBay stipulations.

eBay store Includes

ebay store includes

Your custom-designed eBay store will help propel your company identity through imparting a professional, consistent, and credible image. Other benefits of sourcing your eBay store designer from Ydeveloper include: smaller logos for email signatures, a larger logo (than the default ebay size) for banner purposes, and high-resolution files for stationary use.

What to expect from Ydeveloper as part of our service:
eBay Home Page
  • Your home/index page will be organized and exhibit a clear, clean look to effectively showcase your products; well-organized home pages can impress visitors even if you have thousands of items at your eBay store. It’s important to reduce the “clutter” of your homepage and as a business owner you want to let prospective clients understand your company at a glance. A perfected eBay homepage functions as the first impression your clientele.
  • Your eBay homepage will come complete with Icon links to entire categories, subcategories, or a single item links.
  • Expect a Multiple - page storefront with tab navigation


eBay Header

The header is one of the most important areas of your eBay Prostores design and has a direct correlation with your sales margin. What’s the function of the eBay header?

  • It links specific items to your existing store
  • It announces what's coming soon / related products/current showcases
  • It promotes your bestsellers / featured items
  • It prominently displays closeout sales
Ebay Store Design
Product Showcase

The intuitive navigation provides your customers with a deeper look into your inventory and provides quick access to your items:

  • More than 20 categories are displayed at your eBay store
  • Hierarchical lists with categories and subcategories
  • Product display or item-wise images in this area


eBay Template Layout

Your listing template will display a clear layout with an attractive design, effectively conveying all the information your customers need to make a purchase at your eBay store.

What makes Ydeveloper’s eBay Template superior?

We provide….

  • A perfect match with your eBay storefront and header
  • Single image or thumbnail galleries for super-size
    images – with more views available for each product
  • A Crystal-clear layout with paragraph for item description
  • Product information tables and complex size charts
  • eBay store promotion with links and images to your store and categories
  • Spam-free techniques to keep your listing out of trouble
  • Search boxes and search links allowing cross merchandising

Start your eBay experience with an expert eBay store developers today. We’ll take your online business to the next level!

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