Development Process

Development Process

Ydeveloper offers customized inventory management system, which is based on the client's business needs and requirements.

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Development Process

Our inventory management system is the result of our considerable experience in e-commerce.

When we build a custom inventory management system for your business, we require specific information about your company including:

  • Information about your existing inventory management system (Manual or Automated)
  • Method required for managing the entire inventory in our existing system.
  • Skills required for managing your current inventory system.
  • Additional changes or requirements you would like to see in your existing system.
  • Whether your current inventory management is capable of handling online orders

We undertake fulfillment of every specific requirement you give us and provide for it in the development cycle.

Inventory management solutions will generally cover all basic inventory functions, but depending on your need to have real-time updates to your system, Ydeveloper's customized solution will prove to be better for your business. A solution's appropriateness depends on how easily it provides detailed visibility into your inventory usage.

Features such as setting a minimum and maximum stock level for each item lets you determine what needs to be re-ordered. Inventory usage reporting is critical to keeping your stock levels relevant to customers' requirements and interest. Your system must also support the number of users at your organization. When Ydeveloper builds your system, it offers the capability to support as many members as you like. It also offers inventory tracking features.

If you already have an inventory management system capable of handling current influx of orders, we can make it better through adding features, scalability, and state-of-the-art functionality.

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