CSS Based HTML Conversion

CSS Based HTML Conversion

Ydeveloper's CSS designs are well-suited to all browsers ensuring that your pages load faster and are easier to manage as well.

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CSS Based HTML Conversion

Back in the day, web pages were designed and presented using cumbersome tables with only HTML. It made web pages incompatible with certain browsers, not to mention made the pages loaded extremely slowly. Thankfully for us, we can move around that now using CSS.

What does CSS mean?
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet.

What does CSS do?
CSS is modern technique used to design, create, and enhance web pages. CSS plays a very important role in web promotion and advertisement. Ydeveloper has vast experience in developing and converting table forms of HTML into CSS based HTML, also known as table-less HTML.

Designing web pages, eCommerce or Yahoo Store is a challenging task by itself, not to mention the need to make everything compatible with any combination of web browsers. Our CSS designs are compatible with all browsers. Using CSS design ensures that your pages will load much faster and be easier to manage.

CSS Features

  • Fast loading
  • Numerous functions
  • Tons of SEO (search engine optimization) advantages

Did you know? Many CSS features can be embedded to your existing web store or Yahoo Store!


Design & Redesign
CSS makes website design simple; mainly all tedious design tasks can be easily done in lesser time, i.e. more efficiently. Your entire website can undergo an entire re-vamping and be given a fresh look through Ydeveloper’s services with CSS. Rest assured everything will be easy to use, eye-catching, and SEO friendly. Content is a main entity of the website when using CSS (Cascading Styles Sheet), and your entire website’s content can be easily managed and maintained after set-up, with no expertise required thereafter.

CSS allows for that much coveted flexibility when handling a website or web store. CSS’ flexibility is one of its most important aspects and every design and website owner on the planet recognized and appreciates this. CSS has the flexibility to develop single and multiple style sheets, as well as external CSS style sheets. In tabular form, HTML is tedious, difficult to work with at times, and can easily (*the user may accidentally) change any part or all of a website through minor tweaks and changes.

Don’t be stuck with less-than-perfect navigation and a slow webpage. CSS embodies the ultimate solution for these common issues - it is possible for every part of a web page and navigational structure to be easy to handle and maintain.

CSS is ultimate solution for browser compatibility. The majority of browsers out there can easily extract and render files immediately through CSS because the cascading style sheet controls the actual rendering process of web pages. Using an external style sheet provides the much-needed benefit of hidden rendering. The truth is that table-based HTML face many problems in different browsers systems and its subsequent pages load much slower.

HTML coding standard improve drastically with CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). CSS provides complete browser compatibility, whereas the basic table-form of HTML faces many problems, especially for ecommerce sites. In a nutshell, CSS decreases the code length of web pages - which decreases the page sizes and cuts loading times in half.

CSS reduce your bandwidth usage. As CSS reduce HTML coding & page size, it ultimately reduces your costs by saving said bandwidth. (aka it helps you save money and time.)

The control and maintenance of all your web pages can be taken care of with single and multiple style sheets. If you require a background change of color, with a website of roughly 100-200 pages, you only need to edit in the single style sheet and the entire background will conform. Swift actions made easy.

Printer Friendly
Printer friendly means…exactly that. CSS allows you to print certain fixed portions of the web page, rather than the entire thing. With the help off CSS, printed can also execute/print the entire website layout, if you so choose.

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