Corporate Site Design

Corporate Site Design

Ydeveloper's designers put in a lot of thought process, bearing in mind Company's message and brand image, while planning the design layout of corporate websites.

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Corporate Site Design

All around the globe, companies are moving towards the Internet to enhance the business, meet their target goals, and reach out to a broader audience. Millions of businesses and company storefronts now have web pages, domains, and more, making a big impact with their online presence. It is no longer a luxury or secondary option to have a webpage, it is essential to build up your online web presence for the growth of your business.

Websites play an important role in setting up your company’s image and projecting your online presence effectively. If your website is not aesthetically pleasing, up-to-date, informative, well-organized, or easy to navigate, you will lose your customers. New visitors won’t be transformed into future customers if your website is slow, lacks design, and/or is hard to navigate. Ydeveloper’s talents lie at the heart of the internet, as we constantly focus our energies on building new web designing services and development. We develop stunning web sites to facilitate your online presence, with clear and concise looks that suit all aspects of SEO and simultaneously impress all your new and returning customers.

Why Ydeveloper?

  • We specialize in high quality web designs. Our experience and in-depth knowledge about the design process and its tangential industries are fully utilized to create a strong business presence and help you reach your target goals.
  • Ydeveloper believes in conceptual design. This means that our web design is created by combining both your business targets, goals, and requirements with a aesthetic, commercial aim.
  • We build all web pages using latest technology and in most attractive manner so that you can stand out (and ahead) of your competitors.

Our designers make us proud with the impressive outcome they produce on screen. The skills of these experienced professionals are illustrated in every piece of work assigned to them. Thoughtful and attractive design (like yahoo store design) is particularly needed for anything that is placed on the web for public consumption.

Ydeveloper designs stellar websites that deliver your company’s message and commercial image straight to your targeted audiences!

Our Philosophy

  • Deliver excellent design interface and navigation.
  • CSS based for quick downloading.
  • Design website is W3C website designing Standard.
  • Quality, Reliable and Consistency website designing.
  • Browser Compatibility websites design.
  • Concept Design matches with your Target & Goal

Website Designing Technology Used

Designing & Multimedia Tools: We design our work it all latest graphic designing and multimedia tools.

Software: - Adobe Photoshop, Dream Weaver, Flash MX and greater, Gif Animator, Macromedia Director, Front Page, latest Sound Forge, Adobe Premier, 3D Max

Scripting Languages: - HTML, DHTML, RTML, PHP, JavaScript / VB Script, JAVA applets, Flash Action Scripts.

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