CSS Based Website

CSS Based Website

Come to Ydeveloper to convert your website into a CSS-based one, which is faster, easier and user friendly.

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CSS Based Website

"CSS based website will make you money"

CSS based layouts have been in use for many years now, and it is a rather common platform for developing websites. The main reason for this is that all new websites developed in CSS renders an inherent compatibility with all browsers. CSS is compatible with 99% of all browsers on the current market.

We recommend that all existing and interested new business owners convert their websites from a table based layout (tabular layout) to a tableless CSS based layout. As the title of this article suggests, converting or changing this simple table will ultimately save you a lot of money, particularly when it comes to labor costs.

Convert your website to table-less CSS based layout today with the help of Ydeveloper.

Search Engine Position:
A table-less CSS layouts or website places a vital emphasis in search engine ranking and/or position. Websites that utilize CSS layouts will appear in much higher positions in the SERP rankings in various search engines.

  • Table-less CSS layout will cut down the code section of website, making the website code section clearer and easy for search engines to access.
  • Table-less based CSS layout reduces the page sizes.
  • Content can be placed at the top of HTML document; handling document instantly becomes easier.
  • Search Engine like text, with the help of CSS content strength will increase as compared to coding.
  • CSS reduces coding, easy to transfigure index, and helps the website achieve a higher position in search engines.

A higher web ranking position in search engines increases your webstore’s visibility and drives more traffic to your website. This ultimately leads to an increase in inquiries and sales for your products and services.

Fast Loading Time:
Loading time is a very important factor of your website. When loading time is slow, it renders the biggest complaints from online users. The majority of websites try to nullify the issue by tackling the problem from different angles.

 According to Jakob Neilsen a faster loading will increase your sales and/or conversion ratio by 100%.

CSS is better than table based layouts...

  • With CSS you can control the order of downloading items right on the screen; this way you can display what you want to display first and foremost on the screen
  • In the table based design, tables appear on the screen at once. Here no parts of sections of the table is displayed on the screen until the complete, final table has been downloaded and accurately rendered.
  • If website is made in table, its code section will be very unwieldy; however CSS reduces this code section drastically, freeing up more loading time.
  • CSS is an external file which is called up only once in the web page. This helps CSS websites to be stored in user's computer when any web page is loaded for the first time. In the table layout, everything is in an HTML document ,thus each and every part table is to be loaded every time the new pages are rendered in the browser.
  • In table layout (tabular layout), a browser reads the table twice i.e. first to load table structure and another to determine its contents in HTML document, and then this procedure repeated every time new page loaded.

Reach Different Platform:
The name of the game in Internet eCommerce is making sure you reach out to as many consumers as possible. Newer and more efficient technologies are constantly coming out, even on a daily basis, and Ydeveloper strives extremely hard to keep up with all of them. Are you allowing your business to grow? Are you utilizing your maximum potential?

Reaching more people with your business website is one of the important factors for determining the success of your business. This statement is true because modern technologies inhabit a huge space in the business realm. Many people look at websites in PDA's, mobile phones, WebTV, and many more modern venues. The best part is, a CSS-based website is compatible with PDA's, mobile phones, WebTV. These technologies or devices should not be neglected because as research has shown, these new devices are inextricably linked to the exploration of new business markets.

In traditional tabular websites, it is not possible to handle these devices; but with CSS, it is easy to integrate on these devices and thereby increase your sales. All you need to do as a business owner is make (or commission the creation of) an additional CSS document to handle these mobile devices, in place of a regular CSS document.

Decrease in Bandwidth Costs:
CSS drastically reduces the code section of your website, thereby ultimately reducing the web pages’ size. Essentially CSS based web pages are much smaller file sizes as compared to tabular layouts. We can see a 50% or more reduction in file sizes if web pages are developed in CSS. Small file sizes will lessen the bandwidth cost, rendering you huge savings over time.

Did you know? CSS can replace JavaScript image rollovers, which, again reduce the file sizes in your website.

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