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On March 19th 2015, Amazon has announced that they are no longer going to support the Amazon Webstore Platform.

New Customers can no longer sign up for an account, existing customers have full access and use of their webstore until July 1, 2016 to migrate.

We recommend all amazon web store owners to switch to Yahoo Store, Magento or e-Smart eCommerce Suite.

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Amazon Webstore Design and Development

Amazon Webstore is one of the world’s leading online retailers, providing a wide range of products around the globe. Now you can tap into Amazon success by setting up your eCommerce business through Amazon Webstore Design. Watch your business expand and your profits rise through the international power of Building a webstore through Amazon is quick, easy, and most importantly, reliable. Reliability is the name of the game, especially if you’re starting out. But if you’re already an established business owner, Amazon Webstore could still be a great, economical choice for you as well

Ydeveloper can fuel your eCommerce business with an Amazon Storefront Design, created specifically for your company’s needs. Using this reputable and time honored online platform, rest assured your business will grow exponentially through Ydeveloper’s enhanced expertise of Amazon store guidelines. Let Ydeveloper take your company to the next level using Amazon Market place.

Why use Amazon Web Services?

  • It’s Secure
  • It’s Reliable
  • It’s Simple

….making it an ideal solution for setting up your online business.

Did you know?
You can add products from Amazon to earn referral fees.

  • Search engine marketing services are built-in
  • You can get multiple online stores for a low, one-time fee
  • Credit card processing and fraud protection are included

How does it work?
Five Easy Steps:

Setup Your Amazon Webstore Acount
DesignYour Amazon Webstore
according to your preferences
Start selling your products
Upload Your
Product inventory toAmazon Storefront
Modify your
       domain point toAmazon Webstore
Benefits of using Amazon Web Services:
  • Source your own custom-built, branded ecommerce store using robust Amazon technology and a vibrant Amazon webstore design.
  • Manage your store inventory, product information, and orders from an easy-to-use interface.
  • Create and maintain your online business quickly and easily.
  • Maintain multiple stores on multiple domains by paying a one-time, low monthly fee.
  • Earn Amazon Associate Program Referral Fees by listing Amazon items on your custom built webstore.
  • Build a website in minutes with our 1-click Amazon Storefront design features.
  • Market your product through our integrated e-mail campaign management software.
  • Get automatic optimization and search engine submission facilities, guaranteed to improve your online experience
  • Process orders via Amazon's trusted payment system.
  • Dynamic Amazon Shopping cart functions and features

Ydeveloper has extensive experience building Amazon Shopping Stores and our creative designers and expert developers know the Amazon design process inside and out. To get on board with Amazon’s profitable eCommerce marketplace, hire Amazon Web Developers from Ydeveloper.

Looking for an "experienced Amazon Webstore Developer"? Look no further-a successful business awaits you…Contact Ydeveloper to create an Amazon Store for you today.

Why would an Amazon web service suit your business needs better than the next online venue? Contact us anytime to find out what would be the best outlet for your eCommerce needs-we’ll judge the best fit for you by analyzing your company requirements, products, and most importantly, budget.

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